Budget shopping tips in Nagoya Japan

Wanna visit japan soon? Don’t forget this places as this is a budget friendly for every tourists … Hope this helps in your bucket list while travelling in Japan especially in Nagoya. 

My top 2🔹

1.Osu Street & Kamimaezu

   This is one of my favorite place that i keep on coming back again n again. This street is a big shopping area and you can find alot! Ypu can find anything from souvenirs to clothes, to 100yen shops ,second hand shops, electronics and cosmetics. 

(The actual photo of osu street)

Street foods can also be found everywhere. 

(Oh i love this potato on stick)

2. Sakae (Oasis21)

     Located in the underground of Oasis 21 building. Nagoya downtown and Nagoya Tower is at the background. Underground shopping malls here is nice. From foods to clothes, jewelries,kids stuffs ,kimonos and theres still a lot.  U just have to prepare for a long walk … Hehe

(Oasis21 by night)

Good restaurants are available on sight. Mcdonalds is also can be found here (and this is my favorite fast food restaurant hehe)and ofcourse its a little cheaper. I can see also some staffs are Filipino i guess i saw 3 kababayans there. But BEWARE you cant bring outside foods and eat inside the restaurants its a Big NO NO! 

(Me and hubby)


Being a supermom

I have my one and only son named Takumi a.k.a Aki “the destroyer”.(hehe) . When he was a baby he is so gentle and very cute. I gave birth last year April 6,2016 exactly 11:25pm weighs 7.49lbs (3.4kilos) NSVD… the pains that caused me while im in a labor room was worth it the moment I saw my son.  My whole life changed when he was born. At first 3months my husband is beside me helping all the task and for the baby. When he came back to Japan to return for his work , i am so sad. .. I feel like im so helpless. I do all the task except for laundering coz we have a servant in our house. I cannot sleep well coz my baby sleeps in the day and almost awake by night (hes like an owl)…they said every month the pattern of his sleeping changes. Its hard for me coz im a first time mom. I stop working for almost 6months. Im running our own family business in the city. Being a mom to my akichan whom we fondly called him Akachan or akichan is priceless. Its so hard and very tiring job but its all worth it. I notice also to myself this time when my baby arrives when i go to the malls I never shop anything to myself,before almost for myself hahaha. Now all the stuffs are for my baby. Thats really a big change in my life. I started to budget all the money that my husband sends us everymonth. I control myself for buying stuffs thats not important. I care for my baby so much. Luckily in his 1st year i never encounter him being sick. Hes so playful, hes cute and chubby. He really looks like his dad.

 (Me and aki hes 1week old here)

Look at his japanese eyes hehe. So cute at this photo. I love the way his eyes looks like his dad. 

(2months old his 1st pictorial)

A japanese themed one

I love you Aki with all my heart. 


Nagoya Castle JP 🇯🇵

  • Sharing a story of mine of how I love the country Japan . Never did I imagine in my enter life to visit this country. Not in my mind or in my vocabulary… To let the story short i met a guy whom my husband now who is a half japanese and a half Filipino. This is all where it started. I often visits him in japan twice a year. ..my first impression for this country when i first visit it was Nice. I mean the japanese people are very friendly, theyre so hardworking people and i notice also that they are very polite. I love the people of Japan if only i can stay longer i would love to. Im always excited to travel in this country because of their rich in culture and heritage places. As you can see in the picture that is the Nagoya Castle. The place is very beautiful and very relaxing. 🇯🇵